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Connect with people on Omana Island

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Welcome to BeConnect,
Welcome to Omana,

Connect with unique people and be part of the Omana family

You’re full access to the Omana potential! Get in touch, stay in touch! Create a special connection! 

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And this is how BeConnect works

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Tell something about yourself

Your mood, your interests, your social media, your profile!
Feel free! Whatever you like to share, just be YOU!

People In Your Area

Find & be found

Switch on, ⁣
Explore the potential and BeConnect(ed)

Key Features

Your Contacts

You can find all the contacts you made at the festival under “Your contacts” So you can stay in touch even after the festival

Your Chat

Connecting has never been so easy! Chat with people at the festival. Exchange ideas, discover similarities and create synergy effects!

Your Settings

With the “Visibility Settings” you can individualize your profile depending on the situation and customize it the way you want!

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You're the First!

BeConnect is currently in the beta version (test phase) and will therefore only be used exclusively at the festival.

In the long term, BeConnect will be used everywhere where people come together locally.

It’s up to you 😉 – use it!

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, get in touch!

*BeConnect is free for you and always will be!

Coming Soon

We are working on additional features

You have ideas for cool features?!

Your Feedback

Let's develop BeConnect together!

We need your feedback to offer you the best user experience and to further develop the app in your interest. Let’s grow together!

Let's Connect

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“It's he CONNECTION with People, which gives our live Mather”

- Wilhelm von Humboldt


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